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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: Enterprise Startups: Risk vs. Reward

Founder's guide to launching a startup (free ebook)

This latest ebook from ZDNet and TechRepublic focuses on tips, strategies, and success stories aimed at helping new entrepreneurs and founders-in-the-making navigate the tricky path of launching a startup.

Turning a great idea into a viable company requires in-depth research, careful planning, and savvy execution. It also requires a huge amount of optimism, tenacity, and stamina. It's not for the faint of heart -- and the rate of failure is high. But learning what's involved and knowing what to expect can help steer you toward a successful outcome.

In a slight departure from our usual executive's guide format, this latest ebook focuses on tips and strategies to help budding entrepreneurs. It offers a realistic view of various aspects of the startup journey, including the process of crafting a business plan, choosing a co-founder, building the right team, raising funds, and navigating the hazards you may encounter along the way. It also looks at a number of promising startups and founders who are have launched businesses ranging from an innovative real estate company to a platform for comparing and reviewing enterprise software.


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