Foxtel extends Acer set-top box service contract to include Austar

The new four-year deal with the pay TV company will make Acer the biggest electronics services provider in Australia, according to the vendor.

Pay TV company Foxtel has signed Acer as the sole provider of set-top box managed services for itself and Austar. Foxtel had been outsourcing its set-top box maintenance functions to Acer for the past five years.

But in light of Foxtel's recent purchase of regional competitor Austar, the new contract, which runs for four years, will have Acer's role cover Austar as well.

Acer's Regents Park facility. (Credit: Acer)

Managed by Acer's managed solutions group, the vendor will be in charge of quality assurance, repair, refurbishment, warehousing services, and logistics support for Foxtel's and Austar's set-top boxes.

Foxtel is trying to consolidate its supply chain and service cost to bring down operational expenditure. It's also currently in the process of integrating Austar into the business.

According to Acer, the new arrangement with Foxtel will make the vendor the largest electronics service provider in Australia.

Acer traditionally services personal computer products, but has adapted its operations to accommodate for the Foxtel deal. As a result, it has made further investments in its Regents Park facility in Sydney. Acer now has over 140 staff dedicated to servicing Foxtel.

Acer will have to stick to strict key performance indicators as part of the contract with Foxtel and set-top boxes will go through quality assurance processes before being shipped to customers.

The vendor hopes that the experience it gains through the new contract with Foxtel will help it expand its managed services business.

"Acer is in a unique position in the managed services marketplace," Acer Operations Director Andrew Bosch said in a statement. "We have extensive in-house and in-field capabilities. We can tailor these to a customer's needs, and deliver a broad range of flexible, reliable, efficient, and effective solutions for customers."

The vendor will not comment on how much the new contract is worth.