Free Apple iPads for MPs go under debate

A committee of MPs is to decide whether Apple iPads and other tablet PCs should be issued for free to MPs at the start of their term in office

Politicians are deciding whether the UK's 650 MPs should each be given an Apple iPad.

Apple iPad

A committee of MPs is weighing up whether to loan free iPads to MPs for parliamentary business. Photo credit: James Martin/CNET News

A body of MPs will examine whether parliament should loan politicians tablet PCs at the start of their term in office. The Commons administration committee will assess whether tablet PCs are suited to parliamentary business by using Apple iPads, provided by parliament, in committee from May to July.

"This is to satisfy the committee as to the usefulness of these devices as a means of handling committee papers," Sir Alan Haselhurst, chair of the administration committee, told ZDNet UK's sister site Once the iPad trial is complete, the committee will advise the House of Commons commission on whether tablet PCs should be issued to MPs.

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