delivers through Post Office

The Post Office may face competition from email, but that won't stop it from distributing Net access., the controversial free ISP from the BBC, is teaming up with the Post Office to get the message out. Post Office customers will now be able to pick up a CD when they pop in for stamps.

It is the first time the Post Office has partnered with an ISP in such a deal.

In an agreement with BBC Worldwide, Post Office Counters will offer Freebeeb CDs from 1500 main post offices in the UK, starting October.

A Post Office Counters spokeswoman hinted other deals may follow. "We have started with one [ISP] that was right for us but it might not be the last, " she said, but refused to say if the Post Office had been approached by other ISPs.

Basil Larkins, managing director of Post Office Network Banking believes the Post Office is an excellent channel to bring people online. "We have always been the natural place to get communication services and this free offer to our customers demonstrates The Post Office's growing involvement in providing Internet facilities," he said.

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