Freedomcase: Adjustable case and stand for Microsoft Surface

I recently became a Surface Pro user. After looking for various case and stand products, I've finally found a great solution.

Recently, I ordered a Surface Pro as a second machine to do work on when I'm not using my main business laptop, the Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch. I love how I can get real work done on this tablet, as it's a full Windows 8.1 PC, but there's a dearth of good case accessories for it. 

The Microsoft Surface from a purely materials standpoint is built to withstand the rigors of business use, with its magnesium alloy "VaporMG" casing that is purportedly three times lighter than aluminium but just as strong.

Steven Sinofsky, former Windows chief at Microsoft once jokingly stood on top of one like a skateboard to show how reslilient to damage the device is.

Still, I'm a big fan of device protection and I'd like a bit more peace of mind than what my nice new blue type cover actually provides when I am carrying the tablet around.

Additionally, I'd like more than one angle to use on my Surface Pro to actually type on when the keyboard cover is attached or if the tablet is used on its lonesome. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 has two angles with the updated kickstand, but a number of my colleagues at Microsoft who I've talked to that have used the new devices still want more.

Enter the Freedom Case, a new project that has been launched on Kickstarter by former NASA JPL software developer Chris Leung and his team of designers at his new startup in San Francisco. The project was launched on February 14, and after only 20 hours on Kickstarter, it had already met its initial funding goal of $40,000.

As of this writing almost a month is left for them to secure additional funding, but it's a given that the case will now enter production.

The Freedom Case for Surface comes in either a Microfiber Cloth/Polyurethane ($39) or PU Leather/Polyuretheane version ($49) and fits all current and previous Surface models.

What's innovative about this case design is its oragami-like qualities, as it is fully integrated with the current built-in kickstands and official MS cover/keyboard accessories and will allow the user to prop up the device in a variety of angles and typing positions.

Additionally, the case allows for a stylus to be clipped on and securely carried as well.

I've backed the Freedom Case with a $49 pledge for the leather covered version and can't wait to put it on my Surface Pro. How about you?