Freescale aims to integrate wireless charging into auto consoles, restaurant tables

A reference design by Freescale could put Qi wireless charging into more public spaces.

Freescale Semiconductor on Wednesday launched new wireless charging integrated circuits and designs in an effort to make Qi-certified chargers more customizable and ubiquitous.

Qi is a standard by the Wireless Power Consortium that charges batteries without being tethered. Earlier generation wireless chargers required a film to be placed over the battery to charge.

Freescale is hoping that its technology will be used in autos, airports, offices and other areas because it will allow customization.

According to Freescale, its technology could turn key areas into wireless charging stations. To wit:

  • Vehicle consoles could have wireless charging embedded. 
  • Airline seats could charge your phone. 
  • Restaurant tables could too. 
  • And hotel room desks could serve as de facto charging stations.

The company said that it will provide a programming interface that will allow developers to add features to the platform.

As for the specifications, Freescale's automotive wireless charging technology has a Qi-certified transmit controller integrated circuit and reference design. A programming interface allows designers to minimize auto issues such as radio interference.

Here's a look at one of Freescale's new reference designs:

freescale wireless1