Freeserve ejected from FTSE 100

ISP's latest humiliation: it is no longer one of the top 100 companies

UK Internet service provider Freeserve (quote: FRE) is no longer one of the UK's top 100 companies and will be kicked out of the FTSE 100 index Monday, the victim of sliding tech share prices.

The company's share price has been hit hard by recent events in hi-tech stocks and now has a market capitalisation of about £1.6bn. The FTSE actuaries committee meets quarterly to review the constituents of the top index, removing those whose market value has ranked them below the top 120 companies on the FTSE. Freeserve and other tech companies will move down to the FTSE 250 index.

Full story to follow.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols says he doesn't know much about tech stocks but he thinks it must be time to start looking at long-term stock values. Having had our day-trade, instant-millionaire party; we've had the hangover. Now, it's time to drink the coffee and get on with investing for long-term value and gain. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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