Freeserve: Email is safe, 'glitch' is being sorted

Freeserve has contacted ZDNet News regarding the outage in its service this weekend and assured users that no email has been lost.

A spokeswoman for the company told ZDNet News: "No email has been lost. Definitely not. The service is now back up and running and we've cleared 25% of the backlog already (1pm) and by 7am tomorrow (Tuesday) the backlog will be clear. We're taking our time so we don't lose email."

Asked what happened the spokeswoman said that information was not yet available but that technicians are working on the "glitch" now. "We don't know when the problem occurred... an explanation is due to be sent out as soon as possible. We always post explanations on our web site as soon as a problem happens. It's like a diagnostic".

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