Freeserve in dark over iToaster deal

Although US company Microworkz have confirmed that they are in talks with UK Internet Access behemoth Freeserve, about supplying the super-simplistic iToaster to the British public, Freeserve claim this is all "pie in the sky."

An exasperated Freeserve spokesperson pleaded total ignorance of any talks or a potential arrangement with Microworkz. She said: "There has been a lot of speculation in the papers over the past week and I have spent the whole time telling people it's just pie in the sky. We have no plans to announce anything at anytime."

Microworkz have also refused to reveal details of any possible arrangement.

These rumours follow hot on the heels of an announcement by AOL that it will supply the rival E-Machine PC to Americans who are long-term subscribers to CompuServe.