Freeserve to respond exclusively on ZDNet

Freeserve's chief executive, John Pluthero, will respond to AltaVista and ntl... you'll have to be on ZDNet to hear about it first

Following an exclusive Eye2Eye interview with ZDNet last week, Freeserve chief executive John Pluthero has responded to erroneous reports suggesting that the company is about to launch a low-cost unmetered service.

During last week's interview, which will appear starting tomorrow, Pluthero agreed with predictions made by Durlacher analyst Nick Gibson in December that a US-style, flat rate price structure for local calls was inevitable in the UK market. However, a week is a long time in the online world, and Pluthero called ZDNet this afternoon to respond to recent events.

Exclusive details of Freeserve's plans will be revealed by ZDNet UK News shortly.