French learn how to do IT from NHS

Tech chiefs from across the Channel pay flying visit
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Tech chiefs from across the Channel pay flying visit

French health service IT chiefs have been on a fact-finding mission to pick up tips from NHS technology executives.

Managers from the French electronic health record institute met NHS IT director general, Richard Granger, and their day's tour included sessions on system procurement and the technical approach to the UK's massive health service technology improvement programme.

The NHS has already hosted visitors from Canada and Japan eager to learn about the £6.2bn project.

One of the French visitors, Jacques Beer Gabel, director general of Groupement d'Intérêt Public Dossier Medical Personnel, said in a statement: "We came here to improve our knowledge of what we should do in France. We've learned a lot and want to inspire those working on our system with your experiences."

The French institute is currently conducting pilot studies before deciding on its model for the introduction of electronic health records.

Gabel added: "Whatever we do we will have to face large contracts and there will have to be a procurement of major companies. Your experience will be very helpful."

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