FreshBooks adds tool for collecting customer feedback

Most customers treat gathering reviews and testimonials as a standalone marketing function, but the cloud accounting service lets SMBs make it part of the payment experience.

Many small businesses rely mainly on customer references or referrals for much of the new business they develop. What better time to gather feedback when the job or project is freshly completed? That thinking led to the creation of a unique new reviews and ratings feature in the FreshBooks cloud accounting service.

The reviews and ratings function is simple: When they are in the process of paying, it automatically asks customers to choose how they would rate the business on a scale of 1 to 10.

If the person selects a positive number (say, a "9" or a "10"), then he or she is encouraged to share that score on Facebook. In addition, the person is prompted to recommend the service, product, or experience (if they liked it) to someone they know, via email.

The new feature is available automatically to FreshBooks customers.

So far, the company's invoicing, expense management, and time-tracking services have been used by about 5 million people. SMBs can use FreshBooks's basic services to manage one client relationship for free. The entry-level "Seedling" service is priced at $19.95 per month for managing up to 25 customers.

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