FreshBooks, ZenPayroll integrate accounting and payroll platforms

A new partnership between the two cloud software companies will reduce the need to enter payroll data manually.

Fast-growing cloud accounting software provider, FreshBooks , has beefed up its support for payroll processing through an integration deal with ZenPayroll .

It's just the latest example of the support building behind payroll services and platforms focused on small businesses. Aside from ZenPayroll, which is available in seven states with more to follow this year, another startup to watch closely is JustWorks, which is licensed in 25 states. Both companeis are planning for rapid expansion of their services during 2014.

The partnership between FreshBooks and ZenPayroll means that users of ZenPayroll can automatically populate their accounting software when a payroll cycle is run. Adjustments to payroll are automatically reflected, which means that managers and bookkeepers don't have to worry about mistakes that could occur when synchronizing them manually.

Aside from FreshBooks, ZenPayroll also supports integrations with Xero and QuickBooks. 

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