Friday Fun - OK, so who owns a Tux Droid?

Is you're Linux experience complete without a $145 Tux Droid?

Is you're Linux experience complete without a $145 Tux Droid?

OK, so who owns a Tux Droid?

The other day my daughter was aimlessly browsing through a catalog when she came across the Tux Droid.  Neither of us had seen one before and we came to the conclusion that it was some sort of foam missile firing device (maybe it fired them automatically at Windows systems and users close by).  Puzzled, I decided to look into it more and visited the website (KYSOH - which stands for "Keep Your Sense Of Humor).

Physically, Tux Droid seems to be a standalone robotic penguin (I assume that there's some sort of power source involved), and that links up wirelessly to a fish shaped USB dongle.  According to the website it can do quite a lot:

Looking as a cute penguin resembling the Linux mascot, Tux Droid is a smart device. A talking, squawking, wings flapping, eye flashing penguin that you can control remotely. Send him events or updates about websites or have it read your RSS feeds as they come in with the built-in text-to-speech synthesizer. WiFi is not a requirement as it comes with its own wireless solution you can plug in any USB port. The architecture is completely open.

What's surprising is that this device is Linux only - no Windows or Mac drivers exist.

So, since there are a lot of folks here who are really into Linux, is anyone going to admit to owning a Tux Droid?