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A commerce graduate with 17 years of experience outside of IT asks if a switch to the technology field is beneficial move for him, career-wise.
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Q. I am a B.Com graduate with work experience in finance and HR of around 17 years. My knowledge of computers is restricted to Microsoft Word, Excel and surfing the Internet.

I would like to explore the possibility of working in the IT industry. I am getting mixed advice, such as, I should do Oracle DBA and ERP with HR and Finance.

I have not been able to decide as to which would be most beneficial to me career-wise.

I am not planning to settle anywhere outside India. I want to stay in India, and that too, in Mumbai only.

Kindly guide me.

Career advice from E. Balaji, CEO of HR services provider, Ma Foi Management Consultants:
The IT industry pays relatively better than other industries. Hence the plan to move to an IT company would be financially remunerative.

Many IT companies are known to be using the best people practices. Some of them frequently get ranked/rated as the best employers. So a career in IT companies could be enriching in non-financial terms as well.

I am not sure about the choices of learning skills to become an IT professional. You have also indicated that you prefer to be in Mumbai only. IT professionals travel frequently and have to spend many months, sometimes even years, in other countries.

I would also propose that you use structured tools to increase your awareness of your competencies. There are scientific ability and personality tests that can give you a good reflection of your profile. My company also sells these testing tools. You can make better career choices using a better understanding of your competencies and assessing your aspirations.

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