Frrole offers social intelligence to media and entertainment sector

The social intelligence service intends to help media and brands mine deep insights and precise, curated content from social conversations.


Frrole, a social intelligence company , announced its enterprise offering targeted towards the media and entertainment verticals. The company is a part of the winter batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore. 

Frrole's Twitter-based news discovery site has been maintaining an impressive growth rate. Since the beta launch in April 2012, it has grown to more than half a million users month on month. Started with just 20 cities, Frrole now covers more than 55 cities in U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, India and Singapore, and soon will go up to 100 cities worldwide.

The service would help media and brands mine deep insights and precise, curated content from social conversations. The Twitter data based offering has three components:

  • Data APIs allow clients to access Frrole data streams and use it to build or plug into any application
  • Visual Suite allows clients to select and integrate plug and play display applications into their products within minutes
  • Solutions allow Frrole to work closely with clients for a large project that requires complex data interactions

Announcing the new initiative, Frrole CEO and co-founder Amarpreet Kalkat said: "Over the last 1.5 years, we have built a powerful semantic engine that algorithmically extracts meaningful, relevant and informational social insights from Twitter conversations. Today's launch is a major milestone for us and for the US$1 billion-plus and ever growing media and entertainment industry as it will offer them unique and innovative ways of maximizing the return on marketing spends."

Amarpreet explained that the customers can use Frrole to extract curated, precise content related to topics, location, products or campaigns, and integrate it within their applications, e.g. to display tweets/photos shared by users during a product launch. They can also derive insights from social conversations, for example to determine who is the most talked about celebrity in India in real-time.

While Frrole's current focus is on the media and entertainment industry, this product can be used equally effectively by brands as well. Frrole probably wants to offer a differentiated service offering, to stay away from the crowded market of social listening and analytics services.

Interestingly, by using Twitter as a communication channel, Frrole customers will be able to amplify their messaging and reach manifold, for example a TV show can now ask people to vote using a hashtag instead of a traditional SMS. Most Indian TV channels now prominently display Twitter handles and hashtags for individual shows, and handles of show hosts and guests. Some of these, also take questions and feedback via Twitter and Facebook.

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