​Fuji Xerox lands AU$33m contract with South Australian government

Over the next eight years, Fuji Xerox will provide ongoing support to the South Australian government's recently implemented integrated land information system.

Fuji Xerox has won a contract with the South Australian government to help bring the state's property administration system online.

Under the AU$33 million eight-year contract, with options to be extended, Fuji Xerox's document management solutions team will host and manage its integrated land information system (ILIS). ILIS replaces 28 legacy applications that were being used by three land and property government agencies for over 30 years.

Fuji Xerox's software partner, Relational Data Systems, was responsible for configuring ILIS for the South Australian government, and will be a key partner in providing ongoing support.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Stephen Mullighan said the introduction of the modern platform for land administration will mean that South Australia will be able to move forward with projects, such as the introduction of electronic conveyancing in 2016.

"This new system delivers efficiencies in the processing of land and valuation transactions, while providing improved access to land and property information for industry professionals and members of the public," he said.

"This new system gives the legal, finance, and conveyancing industries 24/7 access to core business systems and access to government information and products via a single login."

Fuji Xerox initially developed ILIS when it worked with the Northern Territory government during the early 1990s on its land information system. Since developing the ILIS, Fuji Xerox has deployed the system in different jurisdictions as a contractually guaranteed service.

In the case of the South Australia government's requirement, Fuji Xerox customised the ILIS to comply with the state government's information security framework, and underwent the highest level of scrutiny from government auditors, the company said.