Fujifilm X100 production resumes; early April ship date anticipated

Fujifilm resumes production on the FinePix X100 after earthquake and tsunami damage temporarily shuts down factory.

Days before the recent earthquake and tsunami hit Fujifilm's production factory for the eagerly anticipated FinePix X100 large-sensor compact camera, the company was already facing production shortages and delays due to overwhelming demand. Then, on March 14, the company announced that damage to the factory had caused a temporary halt in production and shut down.

A brief statement (translation) on Fujifilm Japan's site today indicated that production and shipment of the X100 has now resumed and the camera is likely to ship in early April in Japan at least. No such statements were posted to other Fujifilm sites outside Japan (including Fujifilm U.S.A.), but we can probably expect shipments to start arriving in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

[Via Imaging Resource]

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