Fujitsu acquires cloud service provider RunMyProcess

The Japanese tech company sees opportunity in integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS.


Fujitsu on Monday announced that it signed a deal to acquire RunMyProcess, a France-based cloud service provider.

The Japanese company's motive is to expand its global cloud business; with RMP, it adds integration Platform as a Service (or "iPaaS," in the latest eye-rolling enterprise acronym) to its cloud offerings. The deal also comes on the heels of Fujitsu's announcement that it plans to open a "global software center" for cloud business in Silicon Valley.

The price was not disclosed.

RMP was founded in 2007 with a mission to help its customers build and deploy the latest business-critical applications by integrating and combining existing services and assets from cloud and on-premise based solutions.

Conceptually, iPaaS promises faster and more cost-effective streamlining and management of cross-organizational business processes. It allows a company to start small and scale as needed, and has gained traction with cloud integrators for that flexibility.

RMP has picked up 53 cloud integrator partners in 25 countries in its six years of operation. It's backed by the private equity firm XAnge, itself backed by La Banque Postale, one of the largest retail banks in France.