Fujitsu to service Defence for another three years

Despite initial plans to consolidate its IT services contracts, the Department of Defence has renewed Fujitsu's distributed computing centralised services contract for another three years.

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand will get to keep its IT services contract that it has had for the last 16 years, after the Australian Department of Defence decided to extend the arrangement for an additional three years.

Under the distributed computing centralised services (DCCS) contract, which is worth approximately AU$170 million, Fujitsu will continue to provide services, including service desk, service catalogue, information technology service management tools support, processes, and resource-based tasking for server and desktop, email, and groupware environments.

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand group executive director of federal government, Glen Grant, said the DCCS contract extension will see Fujitsu continue on with a number of transformation activities.

"We run a 24/7 service desk that supports a whole a range of activities of up to 100,000 Defence users," he said.

"We also have just over 500 people that work on the contract, and we have spent a lot of time in developing that team to be able perform the activities we do."

Defence confirmed last month that it will not be consolidating its IT services contracts , despite reports that the department was going to go market before the end of 2013 for its DCCS services as a part of a savings plan. This was made clear when Defence announced that it was extending its other IT services contract with Unisys — which it has been in partnership with since 2008 — for an additional two years.

Despite this decision, Grant said Fujitsu will continue to meet the outcomes that Defence has set for the company for the next three years, in the hope that their relationship will continue to be renewed.

"We're certainly going to look at how we can be more innovative over the next three years, and try deliver some better outcomes for Defence," he said.