Full Office functionality coming soon to the iPhone

Applications for the Apple iPhone continue to be released at a rapid pace and it looks like DataViz may be the first to launch with a full Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) suite in its Documents To Go application. Evernote also continues to be updated and now supports offline note creation and storage for those times when you do not have a wireless connection available.

Full Office functionality coming soon to the iPhone
I've been using my T-Mobile G1 quite a bit lately and overall I am pretty happy with the device, but think it is more of a "hobby" phone right now rather than a reliable daily companion. The battery life and limited application storage memory are pretty limiting, as I mentioned a couple days ago. I pulled my original iPhone down from the dock where it has been serving as my home music server and took it on this current business trip with me to test out some new applications and games. I am finding that I enjoy using the iPhone quite a bit again and am liking the large number of 3rd party applications that are out or coming out to make it even more functional.

Over on The Apple Blog they mentioned that DataViz's Documents To Go is coming to the iPhone and you can even visit the DataViz site and sign up to be notified when it is available. Documents To Go gives you full Office document capability and should be awesome on the large display of the iPhone. Apple now just needs to issue an update to the Bluetooth driver so we can use external keyboards to make it a true business road warrior device.

In other iPhone application news, the amazing Evernote application continues to be updated and now supports offline note creation in version 1.4. This is great for the traveler who wants to create notes on the airplane or when out of signal range and then have them synced up when a wireless connection is made again. Check out the Evernote blog where they show how this works and also talk about the new handy tips option. Evernote is one of my favorite iPhone applications and just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to Michael Connick for the heads-up on this Evernote news.

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