Fully 3D-printed rifle hits the Internet

A few more alterations, and the world of 3D weaponry is truly here.

Only a few months after Defense Distributed's 3D gun plans caused lawmakers panic across the globe, a 3D printed rifle has demonstrated its power online.

YouTube user ThreeD Ukulele has uploaded a video which demonstrates the power of the "Grizzly," a rifle printed out of 3D materials -- and able to fire a shot successfully. The designer used a hollow-point .22 Winchester Dynapoint bullet for the demonstration, which is a low-cost product far removed from rapid-fire, fatal bullets.

After firing, the gun's barrel and central section split.

The rifle may be little more than a one-trick pony at the moment, but that doesn't mean the 3D printed gun industry cannot be developed further. Defense Distributed's original model, the "Liberator," was only able to fire one shot, but the design was soon refined -- and the gun was then able to fire hundreds of times without breaking.

Despite the efforts of lawmakers worldwide, the prevalence of 3D printing blueprints is extremely difficult -- if not impossible -- to control. Defense Distributed was forced to take down blueprints for gun components, but thanks to file lockers and torrent search websites, the files were quickly replicated and are still available worldwide.

As a result, some 3D printer owners have taken these designs and refined them -- as a Wisconsin engineer represents by creating the $25 "Lulz Liberator."

Via: PopSci


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