Fusion-io doubles capacity of its Flash storage cards to more than 6TB

Flash storage specialist Fusion-io has boosted the storage and performance of its high-performance storage offerings with its new Atomic series of cards.

7.4 Atomic Series 3.2TB flat
Image: Fusion-io

Fusion-io has doubled the capacity of its flash storage cards and boosted their performance.

The Atomic series of cards is available with up to 6.4TB of storage, compared to 3.12TB maximum in the previous generation ioScale cards.

Read and write speed is also increased, with the fastest Atomic series card offering read bandwidth of 2.7GBps and write bandwidth of 2.1GBps and capable of 276,000 random read IOPs (4k) and 375,000 random write IOPs (4k). In comparison the ioScale cards maximum performance was a bandwidth of 1.5GBps for read and 1.3GBps for write and random read IOPS (512B) of 115,000 and random write IOPS (512B) of 535,000.

The Atomic series are PCI-Express 2.0 x8 cards, and are available in two flavours, the PX600 and SX300, whose specs can be seen below.

Image: Fusion-io


Image: Fusion-io

Fusion-io flash storage cards are aimed at providing high-performance storage for tasks where rapid access to data is critical.

The cards include a Fusion Adaptive Flashback feature that is able to handle failure of individual NAND storage banks and minimise its effect on performance.

Fusion pitches its cards as an alternative to flash storage arrays, such as the Tegile T3800 all-flash storage array announced yesterday .

The cards are available through Fusion-io's partners, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM and Supermicro and Fusion's certified resellers.

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