Futuristic motor home is ultra luxurious, fuel efficient

Marchi Mobile's eleMMent RVs let you really live it up on the road.

Is it a hotel suite on wheels or more like a road-ready yacht?

Whatever it is, the recently unveiled eleMMent RV is essentially a culmination of just about everything a filthy-rich person would want in an motor home. Lavish bar lounge? Check. Luxurious master bedroom? Check. Sky lounge? Standard. Exorbitantly expensive? You betcha.

But beyond these extravagant amenities is an ingeniously conceived vehicle that also so happens to offer great high-end performance, versatility and -- believe it or not -- fuel efficiency. Designed by the famed Luigi Colani, a German industrial designer, the 510 hp diesel-powered vehicle comes with a slide out deck that enables the interior to expand to a full 430 square feet. With that much living space owners can chose from a menu of configurations that include wireless Internet, a fireplace, streaming video surveillance, heated flooring and satellite TV.

Using a touchscreen interface, the area can also be converted to cater to different functions. For instance, the lounge's relaxing layout easily transforms into a full on party bar while the rooftop patio pops up for those hot summery days. And to top it off, the exterior features a wind-sculpted aerodynamic design that cuts fuel consumption by 20 percent.

The company, Marchi Mobile, hasn't announced any prices, but you can also expect the cost to cater those who are used to this kind of pampering.

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