Gadget Brief: FoneBook gets a Smart Link

The creator of FoneBook Plus, Paragon Software, has wasted no time in upgrading its product.

FoneBook Plus is, or rather was, compatible with most phones. This week will see the introduction of a Smart Link, which will make FoneBook Plus compatible with, according to company officials, "all phones."

FoneBook Plus is a PC-based database, compatible with Microsoft Word, Access, Lotus Organizer or any major PIM. Type your entries or drag and drop them into a FoneList of up to 200 contacts. The numbers are then transferred to your phone at the touch of a button. The ability to create as many lists as you want is a definite perk as it means that you need only carry relevant numbers.

Initially aimed at the business sector, the price of £35 - £45 with the serial cable, makes it accessible to the man in the street.