Galaxy S III, Android Jelly Bean, and Nokia PureView (MobileTechRoundup show #273)

Kevin and I returned from vacations with lots to talk about in the mobile space, including several new purchases and a new OS update from Google.

Listen here (MP3, 51.3 MB, 62:30 minutes)

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Kevin and I have both been out on vacations the last few weeks so it has been a while since we recorded a podcast. We came back online today with MobileTechRoundup show #273 that covered quite a few things, including how I spent about $1,400 on three new devices since our last recording.

  • Galaxy S III impressions (Nexus and HTC One vs. GSIII?)
  • Jelly Bean on the Nexus smartphone
  • Galaxy 7 tablet hands on
  • Atrix HD in the house
  • Nokia 808 PureView
  • Touchfire iPad keyboard, Matt’s first Kickstarter delivery

If you ever have any specific questions you wish for us to answer on air or a topic you would like us to cover please let me know.