​Galaxy S8 Plus launches in rose pink, S8 in coral blue

Samsung has added the rose pink colour to the Galaxy S8 Plus, while the S8 gets Coral Blue.


Samsung Electronics has added a rose pink version of the Galaxy S8 Plus, and a blue coral version for the S8.

The new versions will be available in South Korea starting on Friday.

The rose pink version of Galaxy S8 Plus was first introduced in Taiwan earlier this week, while coral blue was first introduced for the Galaxy Note 7 last year and was received well.

The South Korean technology company said the new colours were both "nature inspired" like other colours of the S8.

Samsung introduced orchid grey for the first time with the S8 series earlier this year. Both the S8 and S8 Plus were available in grey, black and silver prior to the new colours.

Both the rose pink S8 Plus and blue coral S8 will come in 64GB models.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus broke pre-order records in South Korea when launched in April.

The popularity of the phones globally, backed by even stronger performance from its chip business, is expected to help Samsung clinch record profits in the second quarter of the year.