Gallery: Droid vs. iPhone - battle of the screens

A gallery that compares the screen of the new Droid from Motorola and VZW to that of the iPhone. I'll warn fans of the iPhone that it's not flattering.

Much has been made of the screen on the new Droid smartphone from Motorola and Verizon Wireless. The 854 x 480 pixel, 3.7-inch panel is 273% larger than the iPhone's 320 x 480, 3.5-incher and is setting itself apart as one of Droid's flagship features.

Droid's screen features a whopping 410,000 pixels compared to the iPhone's 150,000 - and more pixels means more screen real estate and more detail. The Droid's larger, higher-resolution screen is better suited for viewing Web pages and separates itself from the iPhone in screen intensive tasks like photo, video and gaming.

I've posted a brief gallery comparing the two screens. Some highlights are after the jump... on the Droid (top) and the same video running in the native YouTube app on the iPhone (below).

More pictures are in this gallery.

Chart: Skatter Tech


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