Gallery: Visual tour of the PlayBook 2.0

The newly released BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 finally adds email support and other missing functionality. Here's what the new PlayBook software looks like on the screen.

The BlackBerry PlayBook received a major update today that adds capabilities that RIM was chided for omitting in the release of the original device. The major additions are email, calendaring, and the ability to run Android apps that are vetted in the BlackBerry App World.

Here's what the new PlayBook looks like, captured in screen shots

Image Gallery: BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 presented in screen shots
Image Gallery: Charge
Image Gallery: Charge

The email app is a nice app, and long overdue. The other PIM apps are now present and accounted for, and look good, too. The Android apps shown in the gallery look like native PlayBook apps. See if you can tell by looking which are Android and which are PlayBook native apps.