GameCube hits the UK

Nintendo hopes that its GameCube will be a worthy competitor to Sony's PlayStation2 and Microsoft's Xbox. A ZDNet UK News Focus

GameCube launches in Europe
Fri 3 May:
Nintendo's next-gen console has enjoyed a successful European launch, which started on the stroke of midnight Nintendo cuts European GameCube price
Mon 22 April:
The price war for next-generation consoles goes a step further as Nintendo lowers the European launch price for its GameCube Nintendo announces GameCube UK launch date
Mon 28 Jan:
Britain will finally get Nintendo's next-gen video game console on 3 May for £150 GameCube outsells the competition
Thurs 29 Nov:
Nintendo has taken the lead in the next-generation console launch stakes by selling half a million consoles in a week GameCube with DVD gets a Japanese release date
Tues 6 Nov:
The release date for Matsushita's Q, a GameCube with DVD player, is announced in Japan
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