GameStop's gaming tablet will run Android on existing hardware

GameStop says that its upcoming game streaming service will be offered alongside an already-existing Android tablet, which it plans to sell next year.

GameStop is slowly releasing details on its "GameStop certified gaming tablet," which will be able to stream titles offered on GameStop's upcoming game streaming service.

Speaking to, the company revealed that it has already begun testing the tablet, which it plans to release next year. Running Android, the tablet won't actually be a new device, but will instead be current hardware. GameStop isn't saying on which tablet it is testing its service.

GameStop announced its streaming service back in April with its acquisition of peer-to-peer game streaming company Spawn Labs. Best compared to services like OnLive, SpawnLab's technology will allow GameStop to quicky stream games to users without the need for dedicated gaming hardware.

GameStop says that the device will come bundled with a number of simple mobile games, but will before long also offer more advanced titles like the ones found on consoles. Of course, one of the major hurdles with offering these more advanced titles is solving the fundamental issue of the tablet's limited input capabilities. To solve that, GameStop is creating a dedicated controller.

GameStop's efforts also clarify the motivations behind its recent snafu with OnLive and coupon codes for the service bundled in copies of Deus EX: Human Revolution. GameStop pulled the codes from copies of the title, noting that "Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge." The usage of "competitor" here is telling, as GameStop's own upcoming streaming service would compete directly with OnLive.