Garmin announces new color screen 220 and 620 GPS sport watches

Garmin revealed two new GPS watches for the active runner that include color displays, lighter weight, and waterproof construction. The prices are $50 more than the devices they replace.

Garmin announces new color screen 220 and 620 GPS sport watches
Image: Garmin

A few months ago I checked out the Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS watch. The 610 is a couple years old and today we learned that Garmin is releasing a couple of upgrades in the Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220.

Garmin Forerunner 620

The Forerunner 610 was the top-of-the line model that gets replaced by the 620 and reading through all of the info on the Forerunner Coach website makes it pretty clear this is a device for the serious runner. My go to website for running gear, DC Rainmaker, has a very detailed first look at these new devices that I highly recommend you check out.

The major improvements in the 620 over the 610 include a color display, 50-meter waterproof construction, Bluetooth Smart support to connect to an iOS device (Google has to fix Android first) for syncing and live tracking support, WiFi for activity uploading and firmware updates(a feature I LOVE to see), satellite pre-loading, ability to track vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and cadence, along with a new VO2Max calculator, recovery advisor, and race predictor.

You need to read through all the info on the new features supported with the HRM-Run strap to see how impressive this watch is at helping you track every statistic you could think of to improve your performance.

There is no swim functionality, despite the waterproof construction, but Garmin has another product for the triathlete as the 620 is focused on the runner.

In my 610 review I mentioned the MP3 playing capability of the MOTOACTV as something that I enjoyed. I have since changed my mind and enjoy running without music most of the time and am enjoying the quiet time of reflection. I am testing out the TomTom Multi-Sport Watch at the moment with a review scheduled for later this week or early next week.

The 620 will be available in black/blue and white/orange in 5-8 weeks for $399.99. The heart rate monitor is another $50. I REALLY like the WiFi data upload and use that all the time on my MOTOACTV. It is nice to skip the cable just to get a workout uploaded after returning from a run.

Garmin Forerunner 220


The Forerunner 220 adds similar improvements like the 620 (waterproof, color display), but has a few key differences. It does not have a touchscreen and is navigated with large side buttons. It also does not have WiFi support, but does have Bluetooth Smart support for syncing to your iPhone and providing live tracking via your phone.

The 220 has many more custom fields over the 210 and will likely meet the needs of most runners. I like the auto pause functionality and other advanced features. It is available in black/red and white/purple.

While the geek in my loves seeing all of the advanced tracking and stats, I think the 220 would be just fine for me and I may pick one up soon. I am a recreational runner who runs to stay in shape and participate in a couple of races per year. The Forerunner 220 sells for $250 and will be available in 5-8 weeks. The heart rate monitor adds $50 to your order.