Gartner: Cloud computing, analytics top 2010 strategic tech list

Gartner unveiled its top 10 strategic technology list for 2010. Unified communications, servers and specialized systems are out.

Gartner unveiled its top 10 strategic technology list for 2010. Unified communications, servers and specialized systems are out. Client computing, data center do-overs, flash memory and mobile applications are in.

The list, presented Tuesday at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, by analysts David Cearley and Carl Claunch looks like this:

The items that were bumped from the top 10 list (statement) aren't necessarily less important, but are moving slowly. Unified communications is strategic, but not critical. Specialized systems and servers are notable for converged systems, but they aren't as important as new data center technologies that can consolidate data centers (think flash memory).

Cloud computing and analytics have jumped front and center. Gartner renamed business intelligence to analytics. IBM and others are chasing analytics as a way to see around corners for various industries.

Cearley and Claunch said it's imperative that enterprises form teams to examine cloud computing and develop a strategy for it---especially a governance model. Companies also need to create a software development plan for cloud and Web software development.

In the end, most companies will deploy a hybrid cloud model.

On the analytics front, Gartner said in a presentation:

We have reached the point in the improvement of performance and costs that we can afford to perform analytics and simulation for each and every action taken in the business. Not only will data center systems be able to do this, but mobile devices will have access to data and enough capability to perform analytics themselves, potentially enabling use of optimization and simulation everywhere and every time. This can be viewed as a third step in supporting operational business decisions.

The rub: New technologies need to be created to search and organized unstructured content and data.

Among other odds and ends:

  • It was notable that Gartner was pitching the client computing revamp. Of course, there's the Windows 7 launch, but Cearley and Claunch portrayed a landscape that was much more complicated than choosing desktops and laptops. To wit:

  • Mobile applications are on the list because they can make customer relationships sticky.

  • Flash memory is now strategic as costs come down vs. traditional hard disk drives. Your future data center may be dominated by flash.


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