Gartner European CRM summit roundup

ZDNet reports from Gartner's conference in Paris this week

CRM Summit 2002: Designing the customer experience
Desigining the customer experience around brand segmentation can pay real dividends and help firms deal effectively with customers Italian telco wins Gartner CRM Excellence Award
TIM, the Italian mobile telco, has won Gartner's European CRM Excellence Award for a project that helped it boost the use of data services and reduce churn Gartner European CRM summit to focus on finding value
Gartner's CRM conference in Paris this week will promote an eight step plan to ensure return on investment from relationship management IT projects Eight building blocks of CRM
Gartner offers three examples of European companies using these essential foundations CRM - bad, and dangerous to know
Customer relationship management has a bad reputation in the corporate world -- getting involved in a CRM project could be detrimental to your career