Gartner ITxpo: news reports

Michael Dell promises innovation, Gartner CEO Fleisher says screw good deals out of your suppliers. All the news from Gartner's Symposium in Cannes

Tablet PCs are high on the agenda, but Gartner is sceptical. Meanwhile, buyers have more power than ever, in an IT market that is struggling through a downturn. That's the main message from Gartner Group's annual Symposium/ITxpo in Cannes, France. Gartner analysts and big-league executives are taking stock of the IT market, assessing threats and opportunities in the current landscape. ZDNet is there, rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers, and bringing back the news.

Gartner questions Symbian's business charisma
No matter how much businesses may want diversity in the mobile devices arena, a prominent Gartner analyst argues that they are putting their money on Microsoft
Under-25s ditch chatrooms for SMS

It seems the Internet is just passe among young Europeans, who are deserting PC-based peer-to-peer applications for their mobile phones
Consolidation to put squeeze on businesses

As a few hardware and software suppliers come to increasingly dominate, companies must use caution and hang onto their existing equipment as long as possible, Gartner advises
Tablet PCs to catch on slowly, says Gartner

Business-meeting etiquette may bring tablet PCs into use, argues Microsoft. But Gartner's analysts are having none of it
Gartner sees no economic recovery in sight

The economy 'remains awful', but it's not all bad: there has never been a better time to drive a good bargain with an IT vendor, says Gartner
Dell tells critics: We do innovate

Speaking at the Gartner conference in Cannes, Michael Dell hit back at critics who said his company does not innovate
Knowledge workers hold key to survival

Email is the thief of time, and software must do better at boosting the productivity of knowledge workers, says Gartner

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