Gates: We are brave enough to compete with Google

Video: At Mix '06,'s Martin LaMonica asks Bill Gates about competing with Google.

Video: At Mix '06,'s Martin LaMonica asks Bill Gates about competing with Google. In terms of though leadership Google is high on the list, Gates said. A key for Microsoft is to provide a better search experience, and that not many companies are brave enough to compete against Google with its scale and momentum, but Microsoft is, Gates said. Microsoft's focus on a complimentary offering with a rich client and the Web is part of a balanced approach that has historically turned out to be pretty rational as fads come and go, Gates added. 


In another video, Gates explains why he thinks the tablet and Origami PC form factors will succeed and elaborates on his recent critique the MIT $100 PC. The big challenge is making it simple to have more than one PC, in terms of keeping them in synch, Gates said. "We love low cost PCs," Gates said, "but you have to think of cell phone."  He noted that a cell phone that can connect to a TV screen, the network and the business model or a shared PC will be the first PC , and that countries should let the marketplace figure out about the training, network and content. "It's a very complex thing that probably doesn't lend itself to a top down approach," Gates said.


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