GCHQ details cyber-defence focus

The intelligence agency has detailed how it plans to use its portion of £650m the government has dedicated to cybersecurity

Intelligence agency GCHQ will concentrate on information assurance and threat intelligence with its share of the government's £650m cybersecurity funding, ZDNet UK has learned.

GCHQ will also put some of the £650m fund towards detecting cyberattacks against UK infrastructure, GCHQ head of cyber strategy Paul Killworth told ZDNet UK at the Counter Terror Expo 2011 on Wednesday.

"From a GCHQ perspective, we think about [countering] cyberattacks and cyber-terrorism as a combination of intelligence and information assurance," said Killworth. "Information assurance is about turning understanding into better awareness."

Killworth added that some of the funds will go towards working with international partners.

The Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (Ocsia) on Wednesday gave more details of how the government funds will be divided up. GCHQ will use some of the funds for the 'Five Eyes' forum, which comprises the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US, and collaborates on cyber issues.

The Cyber Security Operations Centre, based at Cheltenham, will use some of the funds to focus on the security of the Public Sector Network (PSN) and the G-Cloud, Ian McGhie, deputy director of the Ocsia said.

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