GE acquires RMI for train optimization software

General Electric's transportation division will acquire RMI, which makes software that helps railroads optimize their networks.

GE's transportation division announced on Wednesday that it will acquire RMI, which makes software that helps railroads, shipping companies and ports optimize their networks.

With RMI, GE can pitch its customers -- from railroads to rail shippers -- on improving their operations by making sure trains and other equipment are in the best place possible to be used throughout the network.

Aside from the "it makes perfect sense" factor, it also promises to reduce operational expenses, increase productivity expand capacity and reduce fuel use and emissions -- all great ways to attract the interest of a client's chief executive.

Erie, Penn.-based GE Transportation supplies not just the rail industry but also the marine, drilling, mining and energy storage industries, from actual locomotives and engines to the signaling systems that keep them running smoothly. With a little help from software, the company is making sure that they're a one-stop shop for operators around the globe.

All aboard, indeed.

Photo: John H Gray/Flickr

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