GE adds more predictive capabilities, partners to Industrial Internet cloud

GE is adding AT&T, Cisco and Intel to a list of partners that already includes some heavy-hitters.


General Electric is ramping up the predictive capabilities for its Industrial Internet data analytics platform introduced this summer.

Unveiled amid the conglomerate's second summit dedicated to the cloud-agnostic project, Minds+Machines, in Chicago this week, GE is adding 14 more data predictive capabilities to the service, making that a grand total of 24 technologies available on the platform now.

The Industrial Internet platform was announced in June in San Francisco, touted by GE executives as the first data analytics platform that can manage large-scale industrial machines in the cloud.

Based on the list of new predictive measures, Wednesday's additions are being geared primarily toward the aviation, healthcare, rail, and energy industries.

Some examples include Rail Connect 360 Monitoring and Diagnostics for transportation, Cloud Imaging for healthcare, and Non-destructive Testing Remote Collaboration for oil and gas utilities.

GE is also adding AT&T, Cisco and Intel to a list of partners that already includes some heavy-hitters in tech: Amazon Web Services, Accenture, and EMC's Pivotal Initiative.

AT&T will provide the wireless communications system for GE's Industrial Internet, also enabling GE machines to connect to AT&T's cloud and providing remote monitoring, diagnostics, and maintenance.

GE is working with Intel to embed virtualization and cloud-based, standardized interfaces within the GE Predix platform for connecting machines, people, and big data. Intel will be tasked with helping shorten machine upgrade cycles while also helping to develop an open infrastructure for global communication service providers to connect to GE's industrial machines.

Cisco is also being tapped for help on collaborative networking and analytics services between machines based on open standards.

The partner and developer ecosystem is poised to get bigger soon as GE is scheduling to open up the platform to third-party partners and developers for integration on new apps and services next year.