GE, CODA sign deal for electric car charging stations

Coda Automotive and GE Energy sign a deal to sell the WattStation charger with new electric cars.

Coda Automotive, the Los Angeles-based electric car maker, said on Thursday that it will sell and distribute General Electric's WattStation wall-mounted EV charging station.

Both companies hope that the new hardware will encourage consumers to adopt electric powertrains by reducing the amount of time it takes to recharge a vehicle.

Coda makes and markets a five-passenger, mid-size sedan that, thanks to a 36kWh battery pack, can go up to 150 miles without a recharge. (It sells for about $40,000.) Installing a Level 2 charger like the WattStation in consumers' garages should help quell concerns that consumers won't be able to drive where they want, when they want.

The real hard work remains in front of both companies, however, as they try to market and educate consumers about what it takes to own an electric car. After all, drivers aren't used to bringing home a new car with a contractor in tow.

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