GE steps up Cloud Foundry collaboration for industrial Internet

GE Software said it will launch an Industrial Dojo for Internet of things developers, contribute open source code and work with Pivotal to develop non-HTTP protocols to route data.

General Electric's software unit on Monday announced a series of moves to up its collaboration with the Cloud Foundry Foundation including the contribution of Internet of things code.

In a statement, GE Software said it would launch its Industrial Dojo, which is an effort with the Cloud Foundry Foundation to teach developers core technologies, agile development and contributing code.

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Meanwhile, GE said it would work with Cloud Foundry developers to contribute open source code revolving around industrial messaging protocols. The partnership with Cloud Foundry is one way GE is looking to speed up software development for industrial applications and leverage the open source community.

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GE Software's big focus is the so-called industrial Internet, which aims to connect various parts of industry and overlay intelligence and analytics. GE's primary effort is Predix, a software platform designed to manage and operate the industrial Internet. Predix is based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

In addition, GE said that it will work with Pivotal on what it calls a TCP Router that will connect machines and IT networks via non-HTTP protocols. GE will donate the code to the Cloud Foundry Foundation, which only supports HTTP protocols today.

Most industrial data rides on non-HTTP protocols.

The big picture for GE Software is that it wants to rally developers for the industrial Internet of things. Much of the developer appeal for the Internet of things revolves around consumer applications and the smart home.

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