GE unveils Predix Cloud for industrial data, analytics

GE first ​introduced its data analytics platform, Industrial Internet, just over two years ago in partnership with AWS, Accenture and Pivotal.

General Electric is diving deeper into cloud services with the debut of a new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) entry on Wednesday.

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Dubbed Predix Cloud, GE boasted it to be only industrial cloud offering now on the market designed specifically for industrial data and analytics across industries.

Predix Cloud was built for managing, analyzing and storing machine data in real time with a "gated community" model to ensure cloud tenants belong to the industrial ecosystem.

Apps are reviewed in isolation prior to deployment to reduce possible vulnerabilities before potentially impacting (or damaging) other cloud-based apps and services.

Furthermore, GE has baked in what it is referring to as "software-defined mortar" to each cloud stack layer, promising better visibility for detecting and isolating malicious activities as well as data loss.

Aimed primarily at globally regulated industries, the multinational conglomerate cited aviation, healthcare, transportation and oil and gas utility providers as example customer targets.

GE first introduced its data analytics platform, Industrial Internet, just over two years ago in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Accenture and EMC-backed Pivotal.

Touted to be "cloud agnostic," Industrial Internet was designed to provide industrial operators with a common architecture for linking up smart machines, sensors and analytics.

GE fine-tuned the platform with more predictive capabilities later that year with updates geared primarily toward the aviation, healthcare, rail, and energy industries.

Industrial Internet received another booster shot in 2014 through GE's acquisition of API Healthcare, which developed software for healthcare employee management as well as solutions for real-time analytics designed to keep hospitals running more smoothly.

GE borrowed a few design notes for Predix Cloud. The PaaS offering is described to be built from the ground-up internally but should still play nice with other cloud fabrics. For example, Predix Cloud taps into Pivotal's Cloud Foundry PaaS for application development and deployment.

Predix Cloud will be offered through an on-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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