finds a new home

After a couple of acquisitions, lands safely at Ziff Davis

If you don't know my history, I founded in 1996. Since that time it has changed hands a couple of times and at the beginning of the year it found itself a new home.

Here's the quick history:

  • 1996: Founded in 1996 by Joel Evans, Rob Hughes and Sam Evans
  • 2007: Sold to NameMedia
  • May 13, 2010: Sold to Geeknet for $1 million
  • January 4, 2011: Sold to Ziff Davis

As you can see above, is now owned by Ziff Davis. I think it's a perfect fit and it will probably be the last time we see sold. I do have to admit that I was surprised that it didn't live longer at Geeknet, especially since Geeknet also has Slashdot, ThinkGeek, and others, and that has the first four letters of Geeknet's name in it.

At any rate, is still publishing with the same style that put it on the map to begin with. It sports an incredible team, many of whom were with me back in the early days, and is headed by Sal Cangeloso (founder of XYZComputing--acquired by NameMedia), one of the most talented editors I've ever worked with. I wish them lots of luck and I applaud Ziff Davis on a great acquisition.