Geek's week before Christmas

A modern version of a holiday classic with a geeky twist.

'Twas the week before Christmas And all through the courts, Not a lawyer was stirring Not even the torts.

The injunctions were all lying All snug in the files, While shoppers searched empty shelves With nary a smile.

No smartphones, no tablets Not a black slab in sight, For the courts made the rulings To make everything right.

While mobile executives Met late in the night, To make changes to products To get them alright.

"More curves and more color" "Make the phone much less flat", "In hopes of approval" "For this geek and that".

'Twas the week before Christmas And o'er all the land, The geeks were not happy Less choice was to be had.

With time running out On this season to buy, The best gadgets were Nowhere, not even to try.

Geeks may not be happy But it could be much worse, We have all the judges To keep gadgets diverse.