Geeky gifts for your better half [Gift Guide 2012]

Give your geeky other half a gift they'll remember this holiday season.


Available from NeatoShop, this recyled keyboard clutch bag is made from roughly 210 black keyboard keys per bag, and has a denim interior. 

The zippered clutch bag is 6" x 9-1/2" (15 cm x 24 cm) in size, and is touted as "the perfect gift for your eco- and style-conscious lady."

Each bag is priced at $37.95.


This diamond-shaped necklace memory stick, available from Amazon, is a nice stocking-filler for a girl with a geeky streak.

Available in pink or blue and costing £14.99 ($24), the USB-memory stick necklace can store up to 4GB of data. 


A pair of data sandals, available from Etsy,  are the second-generation version of PCB creations.

Only one pair -- in size 7 -- is currently available for $150, and they are fashioned from old bits of computer hardware, including memory and chipboards.

PCB creations also manufactures a number of computer-based sculptures, including current offerings -- a data banana, flower, and F1 racer.  


Scent 2.0, available from ThinkGeek, is a USB-powered aromatherapy oil burner, which is perhaps a fun stocking filler for your loved one.

Once plugged into your computer, you can place a few drops of any type of oil (although lavender is included), and once the USB stick warms up, you can enjoy a new scent whilst hard at work on your laptop -- and it only costs $5.99.

This item sold out at the time of writing, but hopefully will be back in stock before Christmas comes calling. 


Available from Roobix, this pair of LED workgloves may help your other half when working in dark and dimly-lit areas. 

Equipped with an LED lighting system with four light attachment points on each finger -- two lights per pair -- the LED lights can be pressed to activate when you need that bit of extra light to see what you're working on. The gloves also include a micro-textured grip, a foam-padded palm and come in sizes M-XL.

Each pair of gloves costs £19.95 ($31).


Want to wear your geeky tendancies on your sleeve? Perhaps a pair of microchip cufflinks will do the trick.

Available from Amazon and manufactured by The Purple Armadillo, these $49.95 cufflinks are enamel and silver-plated, complete with computer microchip detail. 


A fun, geeky stocking filler for either party, ThinkGeek's Android plushie is a simple, posable hat-tip to Google's Android operating system -- found on smartphones and tablets. 

Naturally, it's not suitable for children under three, but won't hit the bank balance too hard at $5.99.


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Available from Firebox, this universal remote control with a twist is suitable for any would-be Time Lord. We all know a Doctor Who fan, right?

The remote is metal cast with copper plating, and comes complete with 13 novelty sounds related to the popular television series. Able to control television sets, DVD players and your iPod, the remote can also be locked with an individual PIN code.

This gift costs £59.99 ($97).


Nintendo Controller Checkbook Wallet

Available from, this wallet is a must for die-hard retro gaming fans. Nintendo's official controller checkbook can hold your checkbook in addition to space for your I.D. cards.

This gift costs $20.00.


Playstation DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

Available from Amazon, this Playstation controller in shocking pink is one option for a gaming girl. It's a simple enough idea, but one your other half may appreciate. For the men out there, you can also buy Playstation or XBox controllers in other styles, including a blue, white, or a camouflage version.

This gift costs $44.96, and is currently on sale.


Camera Lens Mug

Available from , this novelty camera lens mug is a gift I was given last year, and still would recommend it as a stocking filler for any budding photographer.

The detachable camera lens cover is something I generally use as a coaster, but it can also be a makeshift biscuit holder or lid to keep your coffee warm.

This gift costs £14.99 ($24).


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