Geofox e-mail handheld looks cool, has snags

It's here: the first British variant of the Psion Series 5 is the Geofox One. It's intended primarily as an e-mail system for people on the move, and it connects to the Web either over a standard modem, or with a cellphone card.
Written by Guy Kewney, Contributor

We'll have a first look at the pre-production sample ready for you later today but, for now, we can say it is very thin, very light, and the screen is very clear and easy to read. It comes as default with cables to connect to PC and modem, and if it all works correctly. You'll get text, entered on its little rubber keyboard, up here tomorrow.


* Although pretty and definitely techno-cool, it's not as neat as the Psion 5. The Series 5 is a little thicker, but the trouble with any tiny computer with an LCD in the lid is that the lid is too heavy. Psion fixed this with a clever sliding hinge so that the display tucked itself over the centre of gravity, but Geofox One shares the design flaw of most CE Windows rivals, and tends to wobble.

* The touchpad is neat: you aren't going to lose that the way you might lose the Psion Series 5 pen

* The manual needs a second edition. We ran the word processor, and suddenly realised that the 'menu' button which Psion puts at the side of the screen is missing. How do you get out of Word? How do you... anyway, the questions aren't obvious, and the manual doesn't answer them quickly.

Watch this space...

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