Get 8 hours of runtime with a 15 minute charge on some Android devices

These are the most useful phone and tablet accessories you probably never heard of. Keeping phones and tablets running is a lot easier for some Android devices with these rapid chargers from Motorola.

Image: Motorola

You're on an exhausting trip for work and long before the day is over your phone battery is running dry. With a device and charger that support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology, it only takes 15 minutes to get eight more hours of runtime. A quick stop in a coffee shop is all you need to keep going, and if you're in your car a new accessory from Motorola is just as good.

Motorola introduced its TurboCharger 15 accessory last year. It plugs into any power outlet and rapidly charges compatible Android devices. It works with some Motorola phones, and with devices from other OEMs that support Qualcomm's technology. These include phones and tablets from HTC, Samsung, and LG among others (see complete list).

The fast charger product line has expanded with the introduction of the Motorola TurboPower 15 Car Charger. It is much like conventional auto phone chargers, with additional support for Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

The new car charger works like the wall outlet version, providing eight hours of runtime with a single 15 minute charging session. Motorola claims that beyond this amazing feat, both turbo chargers will fully charge any compatible phone 75 percent faster than conventional chargers.

Frequent business travelers have been taking advantage of the Motorola TurboPower 15 for a while, and can attest to the usefulness such rapid charging provides. Now those who make regular trips in the car can also benefit.

The Motorola TurboPower 15 is available from the company for $34.99, The TurboPower 15 Car Charger is $29.99.

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