Get a $1,000 software and services bundle for $49

Packed with tools designed for business growth, Briefcase offers tremendous value. There's just one catch.

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AppSumo's Briefcase bundle includes all this and a lot more. (Image: AppSumo)

I love a good bundle. A mammoth collection of software and services for less than the price I'd pay for just one or two? Yes, please!

You rarely see this kind of thing for business, though. Most bundles consist of games; every so often you'll see one with utilities, maybe a few productivity tools.

That's why I'm excited about this one. That, and because it's an insanely good deal.

It's called Briefcase, and it works like this: For $49 per month, you get access to a software/services bundle that's worth over $1,000.

Sounds a bit fishy, right? Normally I'd agree, except that Briefcase comes from AppSumo, a service that has long offered sweet deals on business tools. Based on my past experiences with the company, I'd give AppSumo the coveted BBH Seal of Approval (not a real thing).

OK, so the vendor is good -- but the services must be junk. Nope. There's some decidedly good stuff here, most of it intended for startups and smaller companies that need help with accounting, analytics, marketing, sales, SEO and all that stuff.

So, for example, Briefcase includes access to scheduling/booking platform Book Like a Boss -- and not just the entry-level plan, but the "Big Boss" package that normally costs $25/month all by itself. You also get a Poplink Pro subscription, allowing you to add lead-generation tools to all your links. It's normally $79 per month.

One of the real biggies in the roundup: Viral Loops Plus, which runs $199/month. It's helps you create and manage referral campaigns.

Briefcase currently includes nearly 30 of these kinds of apps/services, and AppSumo says it'll be adding more in the future -- at no additional charge. However, there are limited licenses available for each product, so you may actually miss out on some of them if you wait to sign up.

Perhaps best of all, there's no contract with this; you can cancel at any time.

As with most bundles, it's not likely you're going to need, want, or like every item on the roster. But even if you're able to leverage just a few them, you're getting considerable bang for the buck.

Your thoughts?