Get an LG G6 for $399.99

Originally priced at $650 (and up), LG's enterprise-friendly flagship phone can be yours for less -- if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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LG G6: Key specs and features

You know that phone that's all over the news today, the one with dual cameras, wireless charging, water resistance and a bezel-free screen?

Yeah, forget that one. It's $1,000. Unless you think unproven (and already problematic) facial recognition is somehow better than fingerprint recognition, there are few reasons to spend that kind of cash.


That's especially true in light of Amazon's latest addition to its Prime Exclusive program: the LG G6. It sold for $650-720 when it debuted earlier this year, but starting now, Amazon Prime subscribers can preorder the unlocked LG G6 for $399.99.

(Don't expect Amazon's coveted 2-day delivery, though: The G6 is scheduled to ship on Nov. 9.)

I like a G6

Some noteworthy aspects of the LG G6: It has dual cameras. It can charge wirelessly. It's water-resistant. And it has a 5.7-inch, 18:9-ratio screen that's almost bezel-free. Sound familiar?

You also get a microSD slot for expanding the phone's admittedly limited 32GB of storage -- but an extra $20 or so buys you an extra 64GB.

The phone supports both QC 3.0 charging and wireless charging and has a USB Type-C port, which sends microUSB back to hell where it belongs.

And here's something interesting about this IP68-rated phone (the iPhone X is IP67, ahem): "The LG G6 passed 14 different MIL-STD 810G drop tests for durability conducted by an independent laboratory that conforms to US military standards."

That's according to ZDNet's Matthew Miller, who did a deep-dive G6 review and concluded that it's not only better for business than the Google Pixel, but also "an exciting piece of hardware that doesn't overwhelm with unnecessary features."

It's probably more fitting to compare the G6 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 than to the iPhone X, which is exactly what CNET did in its review. Conclusion: It's "like the S8, only cheaper."

And, now, much cheaper.

Mad about ads

Here's the bad news: The price of this low price is a lock-screen cluttered with Amazon "Offers & Ads." I actually don't mind this on a Fire tablet or Kindle, where the lock-screen is largely decorative, but on a phone it's intrusive: You need that screen-estate for notifications.

Amazon sells an ad-free version of the G6 for $50 more (and not just for Prime subscribers -- anyone can get it), but it's currently out of stock. Thankfully, there's another option: You can make a one-time payment right on the phone to remove the ads, but I'm not sure of the price. (Ballpark guess: around $50.)

Even then you're getting a deal, as the unlocked G6 typically sells for around $500 elsewhere. You could always try it with ads for a couple weeks and see if they bother you. If not, score! The G6 is a flagship phone at a mid-range price and an excellent alternative to the budget-crushing likes of the iPhone X and Galaxy S8.

Your thoughts?


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