Get angry: your tax dollars are being used to train foreign IT workers to take your jobs

OK, now I'm angry for real. By the time I'm done explaining this -- if you're an American -- you're going to be livid as well.

OK, now I'm angry for real. By the time I'm done explaining this -- if you're an American -- you're going to be livid as well.

This upsets me so much, it's difficult to type, but here goes. The U.S. government is spending $22 million to train workers in foreign countries to learn tech skills and English so they can outsource American IT jobs. I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

According to InformationWeek, the U.S. agency known as USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is partnering with outsourcing service companies in countries like Sri Lanka to teach more than 3,000 workers technology skills in tools like Enterprise Java.

To make it easier for those workers to work with American companies who have outsourced work, American taxpayers are also paying to train the workers in English.

While writing How To Save Jobs, I spent a year researching this issue and I wrote about just how damaging outsourcing is to American jobs. We've had recent reports showing that people without jobs here in America will likely remain without jobs for a long time.

That's bad enough. But the idea that our own government is funding the training of low-wage foreign workers, who will then compete with American IT workers is simply unacceptable.

In my book, I showed how it is possible for America to turn things around, but we have to first stop many of the wrong-headed policies we're operating under.

This is one such policy. I urge you, without waiting a minute, to contact your elected representatives. Tell them it's time they got off their collective posteriors and stop this USAID outsource training program.

Visit this list of representatives by state.

Do it now. Before your tax dollars are used to train people who will do your job for 1/10th your salary. By the way, if you'd really like to see how to solve the job problem, download How To Save Jobs at HowToSaveJobs.org. It's free and it's worth the read.

OK, I know I'm starting to sound like an anti-administration conservative and I'm not. I'm just a cranky patriot. Idiocy like this makes me angry, regardless of which party is in power. What the frak where they thinking?

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